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This site operated by the Kalnet Bt. The main goal of our services for wholesalers the more flexible collaboration, individual customers more flexible and faster service.

Customer Service

Electronic system 24 hours a day down the orders. (Except for maintenance and upload times.) E-mail and telephone inquiries were received only during opening hours we can respond.

Opening Hours:

Monday 8-15-up
Tuesday 8-15-up
Wednesday 8-15-up
Thursday 8-15-up
Friday 8-15-up
Saturday closed
sunday closed


In the webstore SZARVASI Zrt. and KALNET BT products can be found.

A The product information provided by the manufacturer of the information recorded material, and designed on the basis of the catalog pictures. During our work we were the most thoroughly, but we can not admit responsibility for the esetlegeshibákért. Figures are indicative.

Price information

Prices are given in Hungarian forints.

Webstore prices of consumer prices, gross, ie include the VAT, a piece of product, and does not include home shopping fees. We reserve the right to change the prices! On this page are not responsible for any mistyping. Error, the manufacturer / supplier of the data are relevant. In the latter case, consultations will be initiated, if necessary, remove the order. Price change, the change order and checked prior to its adoption, confirmation of the old - pre-change - price is valid and will be charged.


The order constitutes a distance contract.

The order of conditions as well as appearing on the website prices, specifications, technical data solely for information, products serve a broad range of knowledge. Webstore shopping especially if it is assumed that users are already familiar to the chosen item and the order via the Internet, the product selected by the ordering of time, money and trouble saving. The above listed keep it valid

Transport costs, delivery

The transport made by courier, mail or Kalnet BT's own tool.

Shipping fee: 40.000Ft until 1.800Ft

Free Over 40,000 HUF

Delivery is free for local residents!!!

Method of payment reception

The ordered goods are not required personally to take over, but it is only 14 years of age is the person we pass.

Foreign address supplied, we are unable to accept orders. The delivery call is made after consultation. The package fee and the cost of transport of the goods shall be payable upon receipt. There is no way of deferred payment.

Registered szervízpartnereinkkel wholesale and individual agreements in accordance with the delivery and payment.


Please check the goods upon receipt of the package sértetlenségéről. Damaged packages should not take over. If the ordered item is defective or fails within three days of the exchange as soon as possible, or the price refunded. The responsibility of the buyer return the defective product and the cost of transport to the buyer.

Faulty rig-out error, we are not obliged to improve.

The warranty for the product, the full existence, and the purchase invoice.

Our products are marketed in the statutory 12 month guarantee. If the manufacturer's warranty period of 12 months hoszabb determined then that counts.


The contract receipt of the product to the customer within 8 business days to withdraw without giving reasons, if received, unopened product that you can provide. In this case, the Kalník BT. the value of goods purchased no later than 30 days to repay the shipping cost excluded. The return of goods costs borne by the purchaser.


When registering, you are added to the user, shipping and billing information. The registered users of the system are fixed. Purchases of the notes, upon request, the actions of the favorable opportunities for you know.

The purchase is not required for registration, but shipping and billing information will be required are not included in the registry, all megkell to purchase this again.

Privacy Policy

Your data performance of the contract and the terms of the agreement later in order to demonstrate store. They will not be disclosed to any third party unless the third party in the performance of the contract work with our subcontractor. But then the subcontractor is provided by our personal data in any way not entitled to retain, use, or other persons to pass. Data in accordance with the Privacy Notice we will do.

Complaint administration

The operation of shops and domestic trade activities for the conditions of Act of 1997. (I.22.) On the basis of the Government of customer complaints may be communicated orally or in writing to the seller. The verbal communication of customer complaint phone number, opening hours, or in writing to the kalnet@kalnet.hu e-mail address can do that.


The www.kalnet.hu website is protected by copyright. The content displayed on this website as a whole, or parts of your own personal use and for purposes other than exclusively on KALNET BT. prior written authorization may be used in any form, printed, reproduced, distributed, stored and transferred.

The sole owner of the domain name www.kalnet.hu KALNET BT.and the domain name of copyright protection.

Limitation of Liability

Through the shop to purchase the buyer assumes the possibilities and limitations of Internet knowledge and acceptance. The user or buyer acknowledges that the browsing and purchasing to assess potential risks to yourself, or you should ensure your computer is safe to use and the protection of stored data.

The online store www.kalnet.hu maiorból not responsible for the force resulting from, or other events beyond the control of the reason for consequential damages, including but not limited to

  • use of the website or ,malfunction,
  • the information by anyone to change,
  • the transmission of information resulting from the delay,
  • caused by viruses,
  • szoftverhibából Internet network fault or other technical errors resulting from ,
  • line or system failure due to damage.

Incorrect data typographical errors than the reality are not responsible for the technical data.

The Security Council authorized the purchase KALNET terms and conditions for the present rules of reason and at any time, without notice, unilaterally changed. The changes in force and shall apply from the date of publication

Activity, the following rules shall be governed

2,001th Act CXII. Act contains special rules for electronic commerce.
17 / 1999. II (5) Government contracts governed by the distance.
1997th CLV the law relating to consumer protection agenda determined.
1997th LVIII. Law on economic advertising.