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About Us

The Kalnet BT. was founded in1992. The company is one of major wholesalers of „SZARVASI Ferrous Metal Industry CO. LTD. Fatima and the Caliph, non-electric coffee makers and manufacturer of high quality suspensions. However, to achieve the price level to meet the needs of the Hungarian goal. We have set our goals.

Another important growth factor for the continuous innovation, more and more consumer demand.

The company is continually evolving. And business results and increase the number of points.

The company aims to further understand the various devices in the customers' needs and comments, and are used to develop products and services. Such a device is also the site of the advice and other information, Customer Support will contribute greatly to the use of products even more joy for you.

Company informations:

Company name: KALNET Betéti Társaság

Address: 5540 Szarvas, Damjanich u. 115.

Tax number: 20827948-2-04

Company registration number: 04-06-001976

Company statistic number: 20827948-4531-232-08

Bank account: ERSTE BANK NyRT 11998707-09139166-10000001

Phone number: 06/30/9385-474

Director: Medvegy István